Youth Summer Art Camp 2016          

Ages 7-12            2 sessions:     June 13-17 and July 11-15

Ages 12-15          2 sessions:     July 25-29 and August 1-5

Monday-Friday. 9am-4pm                                                                                         map

Summer Art Camp is held in the studio and yard. Students are encouraged to see, think and create with an experimental and playful mindset. Each week we look to both historical and contemporary art and move between different tactile activities and materials. My classes welcome students at all levels of experience and are kept small for individual attention. All supplies are provided. Please contact me with questions.


                                                                                                                             Camp Details

Ages 7-12            2 sessions:     June 13-17 and July 11-15

Me, Myself and Eye. Ages 7-12

June 13-17. M-F    9am-4pm

During this first week of art camp we'll take a few cues from artists who are known for their portraits; Alice Neel, Chuck Close, Frida Kahlo and others. Students will use their dreams and desires as inspiration and develop ideas through drawing and writing. We'll work both large and small scale combining observational and imaginary drawing. Students will create a unique collage photo portrait, a life size self portrait and a small sculptural figure complete with faux hair. Skill and technique focus; drawing, observation, movement, assemblage, color, enlarging, invention. Our week culminates in a celebratory mini-art show on Friday, June 17th. 

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Painters Color Lab. Ages 7-12

July 11-15, M-F   9am-4pm

This week is for the young artist who wants to experiment and explore different paint mediums and methods. We’ll look to natural and urban worlds for inspiration (forests, gardens, cities and towns) with a few juicy surprises thrown in! Students will reference colorists such as Frankenthaler, Hockney and Marsden, drawing and composing their own paintings in water based media. We’ll do lots of looking, painting and problem solving and develop studies in a variety of sizes in this very color driven lab. Materials include canvas, papers, paints, drawing materials, cardboard, and miscellaneous objects. Our week culminates in a celebratory mini-art show on Friday, July 15th. 

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My son loved his art class with Teresa ~ it was fabulous to send him off with an eager smile each day. Not only did he learn about various artistic styles of art but also how to create them with his own expression and detail. Parent-Renae B.

Ages 12-15          2 sessions:     July 25-29 and August 1-5

Paper fabric, sculptural armature and lanterns.

3-D Sculpture and Light. Ages 12-15

July 25-29, M-F   9am-4pm

Explore color, dimension and light by creating luminous sculptural objects, standing wood sculpture and wall reliefs. Students will create an illuminated paper shape with transparent papers using their own hand built 3-D form. We’ll also look to artists Louise Nevelson and George Morrison for inspiration to construct assemblage wall pieces from wood. Students will create hanging wire animal and geometric shapes incorporating movement and light. Our focus will be on observation, discovery, drawing, color relationships, form, balance and 3-D problem solving. A mini-art show ends our week on Friday, July 29th. *$5 fee is included in class cost for sculpture light.

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Teresa’s art classes provide a much deeper artistic experience than any other classes our family has taken. Parent-Magda R.

David Hockney water color in China.

Make Your Mark. Ages 12-15

August 1-5. M-F   9am-4pm   

In this final Art Camp students will explore contemporary ideas around mark-making and drawing. We’ll work with wet and dry media and experiment with traditional; pencil, marker, pen, stamps and non-traditional tools; cardboard, wire, string and sticks. Each student will build their own spirograph, bundled element tool, symbolic stamps and combine these with tracings and shape rubbings to explore layered imagery. Our focus will be on experimentation, tonal relationships, movement, scale and problem solving.  A mini-art show ends our explorative week on Friday, August 5th at 3:30 pm.

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*Contact Teresa directly regarding individual lessons, group classes, arts programming or project ideas.

Adult Classes

Exploratory Samplers       

Weeknights By Appointment                                    

6:00-9:00 pm,  $35 per person-per session (4-7 people)

Created as a refresher for the experienced artist or as an introduction to newer makers wanting to explore a single medium. Contact Teresa for details.

Colored Pencil Drawing                                                                       Info and REgistration


Landscape Collage

Acrylic Still-life



Private Lessons

Adult and youth. Details and Registration for Private Lessons. I work with individual students at any level of experience. Lessons are developed based on the students background, ability and interest.

Arts Programming And development

I believe in the art of the mistake and that everyone can grow and develop their creativity through practice and experimentation.

Curriculum development and planning with small to large institutions.

Adult and youth instruction. Individual and group lessons at any level.

Institutions Teresa has partnered with:


  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design

  • Minnesota Museum of American Art

  • Science Museum of Minnesota

  • Walker Art Center

  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts